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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Flame Baby Flame

I was watching Dateline or 20/20 a few nights ago about homosexuality and transgenders and I’ve been thinking about a certain part of it since. They seem to think they may have found a “gay” gene and I got pretty worked up about it when I heard that.

In the Nature vs. Nurture debate, I am a firm believer that a person is born gay, it’s not something they learn or choose to do. The reason I am so up in arms about the possibility gay gene is that, I’m afraid people will want to start genetic screening and abort babies because they don’t want a gay son or daughter.

And what if they get a positive result after genetic testing and decide to keep the baby out of obligation due to culture or religion, instead of love? Will they raise their child different? Will they treat little Billy or Suzie differently? Will they grow up shamed from the day they are born because of something they were destined to be? You can’t force homosexuality out of someone. Forcing Tonka trucks and dirt bikes on boys and princesses and dresses on girls won’t change what a person feels inside.

The whole idea of genetically testing fetuses for non-health related “issues” scares the crap out me. If my child turned out to be gay, I wouldn’t love them any less or treat them differently because of it. And I hate the fact that there are people out there who don’t see it that way, because of their closed minds and homophobic beliefs.

There is nothing wrong with being gay. And it would serve absolutely zero purpose to find out in utero. It is our jobs as parents to love our kids for who they are; gay, straight, tall, short, fat, thin, easy-going, stubborn, introvert, extrovert and the list goes on.

Oh and the male transgender who is now pregnant? It's not a miracle of science, the woman-turned-man never had the gender reassignment surgery. She took testosterone hormones to have more masculine features, but still had all the female parts required for reproduction. All he had to do was start taking some estrogen to increase his female hormones add some donated sperm and VOILA! he/she was pregnant. No miracle of science, just hormones. It's only weird to look at since he/she still looks like a man. It's not "Junior" people...

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posted by LadyLipgloss at 10:37 AM


There is something wrong with being gay, its a slight to nature. It actually hinders the advancement/future of the species, as it is decreasing the genetic diversity of the species.

Then again it could be natures way of removing specific genetic defects I guess, but that would then lend credibility to genetic screening, as it would be considered health related.

Someone being gay doesn't bother me, but those that cannot see the reasons why it is potentially wrong, are just as bad as those who cannot allow the homosexuals to go about there lives in peace.

4:13 PM  

While I look forward to the opinions of others, I take issue with those who cannot put a name to their comments. This is not meant to start a war of words. But, please, if you feel strongly enough to post a comment have the courtesy to not do it anonymously.

Jon is that you??? ;)

5:25 PM  

I have an ID, though this is to hot button an issue for me to debate.


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