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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've Said It Before But...

A couple of weeks ago, my sister asked me jokingly if I only drink when I'm trying to get drunk or if I ever have a couple of drinks socially. The sad part is I rarely drink socially mainly because it only takes a couple of beer to make me forget my limit. Also, after one drink my cheeks turn into big red neon sign "Drunk right here!"

I went out this past weekend and only wanted to have a couple of beers and go dancing. Puhlease, like that happened. I have no idea how many I had at the bar, not a clue. Not even an inkling of how many. I really hate it when that happens because the next day, I feel like crap and a bad mom because I can't bring myself to get off the couch, let alone play with Lauren.

So, I'm done. I don't even really like the taste of liquor, the bar scene blows and my body just can't deal with it anymore.

That and a few things happened that I'm really, really, really hoping were a bad dream. Really hoping.


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You can't post that a couple of bad things happened without sharing....MUST FIND YOUR OTHER BLOG! I bet you go into details there!!! LOL

10:20 AM  

Without going into too many details, I can say at least one bad thing could bring two petty criminal charges. I've said too much already.

1:39 PM  

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