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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Flashy Beads

So, Len came up Sat night. I decided that since I might not be here to celebrate my birthday with her that I would celebrate a week early.

Oh. My. God. I had so much fun and I can barely remember it. There was Mardis Gras beads, speaker dancing and tons of booze. I remember drinking at the bar but not paying for anything, yet I still came home with no money.

I was doing some sort of acrobatics on the speakers while hanging on to poles above and beside me. Honestly with the amount of liquor in me, I’m pretty surprised that I didn’t fall off and brain myself. I still can’t explain the scratched and bruised knee. Perhaps the two are related.

I only flashed my boobs once, for the bouncer to get his beads. I ended up with a whole lot of beads by nights end but I can only remember flashing that one time. Seriously. Because I remembered how hard it was to get my boobs out of that halter top the first time and I wasn’t about to do it again.

Before we went out, I was playing with the Wii Blake and Len brought up with them. I totally need to get one of those. I sucked at boxing and I didn’t care, I was having too much fun swinging my arms around like rabid monkey swatting at an invisible bee. At least in my drunken state, I didn’t break my TV with the controller.


posted by LadyLipgloss at 5:18 PM


the wii if fucking wicked! There needs to be a beads/boob flashing/mardi gras game though.

9:43 PM  

All I can say is that Mardi Gras, beads and me would be a baaaadddd combo. Enough said.

8:46 AM  

Good Lord, what the hell did your parents raise, a family of flashers? I don't know about the two of you - some fun girls is all I gotta say!

How bad did your head hurt the next day?

8:49 AM  

OK my bladder is not strong enough to be reading your blog and your classy sisters'. Oh and in case your wondering, flashing in Subway doesn't earn you beads or even a free sub..just stares.

8:06 PM  

The good ol' days, I could whip mine out too. I don't think flashing them now intentionally would be sooooo good. The ol' girls just don't have the same perk as they used too.

OMG - Drunk Wii playing! That would of been a blast. I can just see Mel boxing liquored up!

9:55 PM  

Amy, your words of wisdom are mind-blowing. Then again, maybe you're just doing it wrong ;)

1:15 PM  

That sounds like quite a night!!! No way would I have flashed anything I've got...gravity has won the battle but kudos to you for having the gutts!!!

10:05 AM  

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