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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


You know how in life we're all just floating around. Some of us are lucky enough to float on a really nice yacht and then there are the sinkers who can't even catch a breath. Just when you think you can keep your head above the water, something happens and and dip below again.

I have just inhaled some more water and I swear I think I'm drowning. Whoever said you can't get water from a stone, obviously haven't met the people who won't stop trying. We try and try to stay ahead but the bills and debt keep piling up. I don't know what to do. We've talking to debt management people and we seem to be worse off then we were before. I am drowning because I can't get the damn hands out of my pockets. I have a budget, we follow it and we're still short at the end of the month. How is that possible?? I try not to over spend and technically, we should have at least $200 at the end of the month extra. Where does it go? Friggin bank account gnomes taking my much needed money. It's either that or Tim Hortons. I feel like I can't even rent a $5 movie for Sat night without worrying that the rent won't be covered.

I am so sick of being broke and I'm even more tired of having to borrow money for things I should be able to pay for on my own. I want Lauren to have a good life and not feel like we are poor but it gets hard. Thankfully our family spoils her rotten so some of that weight is off my shoulders.

Most days I just feel like crying into my pillow and begging and pleading with our creditors to cross out our debt so I can breathe again.

Why, oh, why won't Oprah come to my rescue?


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