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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I know where you live

Well, she's broken again. That stupid, spiteful thing that is my car.

On the way home from the park last night, the water pump seized in our car. I managed to get halfway home before the temperature gauge hit the red and steam was coming out of the hood. Wouldn't it figure that something like this would happen when:
1) Lauren is with me
and 2) I decide not to bring my cell phone because "we're just going to the park."

I hate our piece of crap car. It's the worst investment we've ever made. I suppose this is exactly the reason one should not purchase a used car:
1) Viewed for the first time over the Internet
and 2) In one afternoon because "I have to have it!"

That'll teach me. Now I somehow have to pull $400 out of my ass because we are poor and have no credit cards. Good thing our landlord is also our mechanic. He seems to come to our rescue when car trouble hits but on the other hand, we have to pay him because he knows where we live...


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Good news! It was just the radiator belt that shredded! That means I now only have to pull $200 out of my ass. Still very painful...

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