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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Can they even call this work?

Ah, the end of another uneventful week on the job. If you show up to work and just surf the internet and everyone knows you just surf the internet, can they really call it "working"? Don't get me wrong, some days that's pretty much all I really felt like doing. But 95% of the time, I really want to be working on a project. Unfortunately, when the work comes in and is assigned to me, half the time is goes something like this:

Day 1 - "Ok, you're on project ABC."
Day 2 - "BTW, please do it this way."
Day 3 Morning - "I just heard from dev. please do it this way instead."
Day 3 Afternoon - "Actually, something's has changed and you have to do it another way."
Day 4 - "You know what, this project has been put on hold. Stop working on that and move to project XYZ."

I stopped doing any type of real work on the morning of Day 3. Since the change they made then made no sense to me. I gotta tell ya, there are a lot of really confused people in that office. I swear the head office for my project is managed by the primate exhibit at the Toronto zoo.

Oye, when will I ever get out of this awful job? The worst part is that I really love where I work. The people are great and the environment is so laid back but if you hate the work, does any of the good stuff matter? Asking for a transfer was a total waste of time. Guess I just have to bid my time and wait for the calls to come in from all the resumes I sent out.


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