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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fire the Newb

We get catering quite often for meetings at work and more frequently than not, we get it from Edwina’s. It’s pretty standard stuff, no complaints about the food.

The help however… Yesterday when they came to pick up the dishes, there was a new girl. I do not care for this FNG.

Normally they just come in, get the stuff and leave. Quickly and quietly. This new girl was neither of those things. When I took them through the back hallway to the kitchen, the FNG walked right past me and was leading the way. She’s never been here before but apparently she knew the way better than me… A few guys were in the kitchen talking business and she just flew in and interrupted. There was some salad left in the bowl and instead of just taking the dish (like they usually do), she tried to empty it into the worlds most poorly designed garbage can. Which lead to the garbage can lid being covered in salad. Dumbass…

THEN she asks where the rest of the dishes were and since they were in the meeting room with the meeting still in session, I told her as much. She asked me if I could interrupt them. Seriously. Uh, no. I told her to come back tomorrow.

Cue today. She comes in for the rest of the dishes and when I take her back to the kitchen, she steps on my foot. She then proceeds to slam the door coming in AND out of the kitchen . Did I mention that the door has a HUGE sign on both sides that reads “Please close door gently.” I guess this poor girl can’t read. Aww, sad face :(

*FNG: Fucking New Girl (or Guy)


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Funny, I often think fire the FOG (fucking old guy/girl)! Oooohhhh when I say it like a word instead of an acronym, I sound like a pirate. Argh! Bring me more rum punch and fire the FOG!!!

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