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Monday, June 14, 2010

Why Can't You See It??

As I was walking through the lobby this morning, I witnessed something that most certainly falls under the “People are Stupid” category. There were two women, one who worked in the bank and the other woman was asking her directions. This is what I heard.

Woman 1 – “So where were you going again?”
Woman 2 – “(Didn’t hear what she said except) B”
Woman 1 – “Oh It’s right there. On the first floor”
Woman 2 – Silence…
Woman 1 – “You see where that woman is going in? Right there” while pointing at the door.

I turn around as I’m headed towards the stairwell and I see that the woman looking for directions is holding a cane and looking for the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) door.

Seriously? The woman is blind and you’re pointing at where she needs to go? Dumbass…


posted by LadyLipgloss at 8:58 AM


OMFG. That is all I have to say abou that.

9:32 AM  

Holy Geez! Stupid people walk among us.

8:33 AM  

That's just painful. And this woman works iwth money on a daily basis? Glad I don't bank at TD!

12:06 PM  

bwaaaahaaahaaa !!!!! WOW !!!!! Although I can't say anything because I once worked a job that had someone from CNIB raising money in the store, he was telling me that he travels to the various "insert chain store here" around the province to which I excited reply... "that's a fabulous way to see the province eh!" Thankfully he laughed and agreed.......I have the resident crackhead that day

9:11 PM  

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