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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Holy Nosebleed, Batman!

On Sunday, we decided that a family game of Littlest Petshops Hideaway Haven was a good way to spend some time together.

We were all playing nicely when Lauren decided she'd had enough of passing the spinner to me and started throwing it at me instead. And then she threw the little bobble-headed cat at me.

Right in the face. GAME. OVER.

Lauren was so upset and crying because I was angry at her. She kept saying over and over that I was hurting her feelings by being angry. And it was making her sad.

After Jon and I packed up the game, I went to do my hair in the bathroom. Lauren was still bawling.

And then I hear some commotion in the livingroom and Jon say something about a nosebleed. I go out to see what's going on and there is Jon holding a tissue to Lauren's nose. Blood is covering the side of her face, it's in her hair and there is a big puddle of blood on the floor.

She worked herself up so much, she gave herself a nosebleed. Sigh... Something she inherited from both Jon and I.

So, I give Jon a cold magic bag for the back of her neck and clean up the mess on her face and the floor. And then I go back to the bathroom to finish straightening my hair.

Lauren comes in a few minutes later and gives me a hug. "This is because I was so sad you were angry."



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Oh my. How cute yet maddening for you. I much prefer the nosebleed to a little girl who held her breath until she passed out. NEVER fun!

9:49 PM  

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