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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Go Find Mommy's Machine Gun Bra

I just read a Letter to the Editor in the Gleaner today regarding Lady Gaga and her new video, Alejandro. I like Lady Gaga but as my FB status said last week, I’m not impressed with her new video either. The writer took offence to the “sexual abusing” of Catholic symbols and how she’s the new Madonna wannabe. I also felt she was trying too hard to be like Madge in the video. But really, how many ways can you simulate screwing priests and have it look original?

The writer quoted Lady Gaga as saying that she didn’t want to have children (at least not right now) because it would ruin her creativity. Ok, I can see that, since kids are pretty much all consuming and Lady Gaga really does immerse herself in her work. The writer lays into her saying she seems oblivious to the fact that kids are “the most creative thing a woman can do.”

Seriously? Because I can think of a whole SHIT load of other things women can be creative doing that do NOT involve kids at all.

This writer must either be 1) delusional, 2) really old-school 3) Mrs. Happy-Suzie-Home-Maker or 4) completely bat-shit crazy.


posted by LadyLipgloss at 10:21 AM


I'm leaning towards option 4.

1:14 PM  

Would it be inappropriate to suggest that the writer most likely spends her Tuesday mornings standing outside a certain building on Brunswick Street?

1:59 PM  

Yes that's definitely Pigeon holing women into doing only 1thing with their lives? What will her children say when they grow up and read this (I'm sure someone will cut it out of the paper)?

6:48 AM  

5) she doesnt have kids???? OMG!

9:20 AM  

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