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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nipplyboo I'm Talking To You!

A lot of shit has happened in the last month. Most of which I really don’t want to talk about, mainly because it’s boring. One major thing happened that involved getting a bad news text from Jon, crying in my boss’s office, going home early, lots of booze and drunken Wii. FYI, drunken Guitar Hero blows, drunken Just Dance is AWE-SOME!

Two weeks ago, my body decided to screw me over and I developed a MAJOR case of acid reflux. Two rolls of Rolaids, one box of Pepcid AC, one bottle of Gavison, one bottle of Pepto, one box of Zantac, two trips to the after hours clinic, two prescriptions, one bad drug reaction, and some bloodwork later, most of the acid reflux is gone except for this horrible lump-in-my-throat feeling. Did I mention this only started two weeks ago? Oye ve…

Good news! Jon has a new job! One that hopefully don’t suck his soul. So far, so good. He likes the people, the place and the work. Let’s call it Buy More. All I know is that he seems happier and to me, that’s all that matters.

A couple of Lauren notes and quotes.

- Last week at school, she walked up to her very tall gym teacher, looked him up and down and said “You’re the apple of my eye.”

- Thanksgiving weekend, we had our roasting pan on the counter with the very pointy and sharp turkey lifters sitting in it. Lauren needed a cup so she climbed up on the counter and (I can only assume what happened here since I wasn’t in the room) put her hand in or near the roasting pan, which slid off the counter taking her with it. KA-SMASH! She landed on the floor only inches away from the turkey lifters. Being Thanksgiving, I was very much thankful for not having to make a 911 call to rescue my impaled daughter. Though, I’m sure she would have loved the trip in an ambulance. Weee-ooo-weee-oooo!!

- The other night, she was playing with her dollhouse and one of the dolls fell off the roof. The following conversation took place.
Lauren - “Mom, can you do me a favor? Can you please pick up my doll?”
I stand up to look for said doll and realize it’s about 1 foot away from her. “You mean the doll right in front of you?”
Lauren - “Yes.”
Me - “Uh, no.” and I sit back down.
So she starts leaning over to get it “But… I…. Can’t….Reeeeaaaach…” And picks up the doll. On the way back up. “Owww!”
Jon - “Lauren, are you ok?”
Lauren - “I hurt my nipple”

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