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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Conversations of the Married Variety

Jon packed my lunch this morning. And this is the email chain that ensued.

Initial email from Me: (Subject) You gave me teriyaki (Body) NOT general tao’s. You’ve screwed me AGAIN Penny packer!!
Jon: You grabbed them from the freezer not me
Me: No I didn’t, you got them this morning. I don’t think I even set foot in the kitchen this morning other than making Lauren’s sandwich.
Jon: I mean at the store itself, don’t put this on me Wanda Peppers!
Me: I grabbed 2 taos and 1 teriyaki from the store and I asked for taos this morning. And since YOU got them from the freezer this morning, YOU got it WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG
Jon: I thought you got all Taos though!
Me: I told you this morning only 2 were taos. See! You NEVER listen to me!
Jon: What are you talking about?
Me: I knew you’d say that.


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