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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Please Pass The Cod

It's official. I will be moving to Newfoundland in January '09. Where exactly? No clue, well not yet anyway. I'll be working for the St. John's office of Big Red so somewhere around there. I heard that Conception Bay south is the place to be if you have kids but we'll see. Really as long as it's not too far from the office and it's not a crack house, I should be ok. I'm putting my trust into friends who live there to find us a place and basically tell me where my new home is. Talk about nerve racking. I might end up with stubs for fingers if this stress level keeps up.

So when exactly? Also, not a clue. I'm guessing the week of Jan 12. right now I'm working with my HR dept to figure out exactly when they want me to start and then I can try and coordinate the moving company, ferry trips for Jon driving our car and a flight from Halifax for Lauren and I.

I'm going to be a giant ball of nerves by the time the actual move comes around but I hear the liquor is a plenty in Newfoundland so at least I have that to look forward to. Perhaps I should start before I get there...


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Good luck with your new adventure! Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and happiness in Newfoundland! Keep up the blog and let us know how things are going :)

3:17 PM  

Conception Bay is awesome. Bu tI might be biased since that's where a lot of my fam lives.

3:54 PM  

Well, I'm looking forward to getting screeched in. This will give Jay more of an excuse to visit NFLD and she can show you the ropes.

8:01 AM  

The best place to get fish'n'chips is the tiny restaurant on the dock on Bell Island in Conception Bay. In case you're wondering.

5:31 PM  

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